About Us

For the past fifteen (15) years, IsoScan has been providing Positron Emission Tomography / CT (PET/CT) molecular imaging services at multiple facilities in the Greater Northwest Territory. As a sister company to MRI Mobile, our knowledge of diagnostic imaging service delivery in a mobile environment continues to expand.

Historically, our business has been built around single and multi-day services to the nuclear medicine departments of many high-profile cancer centers in the region. However, we also rent/lease our systems for 24×7 molecular imaging coverage.

Our credentialed technologists work closely with your medical oncologists, pulmonologists and other physicians to deliver exceptional imaging studies that ultimately support critical healthcare decisions.

Our systems utilize the Siemens LSO (Lutetium oxyortho-silicate) crystal technology combined with head to toe “3D” acquisition and reconstruction capabilities. Our on-board computer systems employ high speed image fusion that allows your radiologists to enhance either the PET or CT portion of the captured images at will.

You’ll find us to be knowledgeable, flexible, and easy to work with as a business partner and external resource.